Paysenger is a new reality – Paysenger Overview

The Paysenger provides a platform for individuals to earn money from their expertise and connections. Paysenger is a platform that facilitates commercial interaction with influential individuals for a fee. The Paysenger platform comprises an EGO token and a native NFT market.

It develops technologies and approaches for the digital future. Their goal is to provide a fresh approach to interpersonal interaction so that the general public will embrace NFTs and cryptocurrencies. 

The Paysengers are a large, multi-national family. You’ll make amazing friends and be welcomed as a long-awaited visitor in many different places. Participate in making use of your skills and helping shape the digital future. In this article, I will provide you with information about Paysenger.

What is Paysenger

Paysenger is a paid communication service that aims to capitalize on users’ attention, making it the social network of the future. The primary intent is to provide a means for professionals such as scientists, experts, influencers, and others who can garner interest in their work, ideas, and expertise to monetize their time spent answering questions. 

Its secondary goal is facilitating communication between ordinary people and influential public leaders across various fields. A user, for instance, may pay a fee to have a conversation with a well-known scientist. 

The Paysenger platform is also expected to have soon an internal market for non-fungible tokens built by the platform’s developers. This would open the door for people to take expert advice, package it up as a new currency (NFT), and then sell it to others.

EGO Solution Shakes Up Telecom Market

More than that, Paysenger’s incorporation of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) enables the exchange of media content for NFTs. Users can keep or trade these NFTs on Paysenger’s NFT marketplace. 

The network’s native token, EGO, is utilized for many different purposes on the platform, including making attention payments, trading and minting NFTs, staking, and gaining access to VIP features.

Through the protocol’s built-in buy-back mechanism and service revenue sharing scheme, EGO holders get a share of Paysenger’s profits. In this model, 2.5% of all commissions and profits are allocated to token redemption, 100% of the NFT minting fee is burned, and 2.5% of the proceeds from the sale of NFTs on the NFT auction/marketplace are allocated to the NFT foundation.

Ego Token Launch: Essential Information

  • Binance Smart Chain’s initial token is Tokensoft’s EGO. Participants may buy $35,000,000 EGO tokens at $0.05 each. Investors who register on this website before April 4 will be drawn.
  • The conversation is the key to meaningful relationships. Paysenger’s EGO token aims to bridge the gap between experts or media celebrities and their passionate following. EGO ecosystem users only utilize EGO currency. Token liquidity comes from mass audiences ready to pay for access to experts, celebrities, and influencers looking to grow their fan networks.
  • Experts and influencers may interact with and monetize their audience on the communication platform. Fans may now contact their idols, get tokenized responses, and benefit from business-sponsored polls.
  • Received media may be converted to NFT (Non-fungible token). It may be held or exchanged for EGO tokens.

EGO Token, the Fuel of Paysenger’s Ecosystem

The EGO coin serves as the foundation of the Paysenger system. On April 6 at 14:00 UTC, a First-Come, First-Served sale will begin and run until April 8 at 23:59 UTC. Paysenger established the range of possible payments from $250 to $1500. The first round begins on April 4, while the second starts on April 6.  

In this light, it’s essential to know that the protocol has a built-in buy-back mechanism and a service revenue-sharing model that aims to redistribute some of the platform’s profits to EGO holders. The team claims that 2.5% of all income and commissions are allocated to token redemption.

In contrast, all minting and NFT token burning fees are entirely burned. EGO will also be included in the platform at the time of introduction, allowing users to pay attention, trade, and mint NFTs. They’ll get special treatment and early access to new features being developed by the group.

The Paysenger App

The group is getting ready to release its mobile app and bring on 5 million new users. Pre-sales of Tokensoft were set to begin on April 6, 2022, and a permissionless crowdfunding initiative (IDO) was released in the summer. It has been announced that EGO will be the first Binance Smart Chain token on Tokensoft

Paysenger’s EGO is the digital representation of human attention. The project intends to create a cooperative environment where everyone can make money from their engagement and connect effectively with anybody they choose. 


Paysenger seems to be attempting to capitalize on a much-talked market segment: decentralized social media. It offers a product in a not-yet-oversaturated market by providing a platform where users may earn money from the attention they attract to themselves. 

Time and focus both have monetary values. Learn how to stand out from the crowd in a world dominated by clickbait, robots, and automated communications. 

There is a wealth of specialists in many different sectors, including famous people, scientists, and influencers. Create non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to own your work on Paysenger. After that, you may add them to your collection or trade them on our thriving NFT market.

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