John Daxon

Hello, Its John Daxon from Toronto, Canado. I have done MBA in Finance and have vast experience in writing financial blogs, mainly about cryptocurrency and digital assests. I welcome you to our blog where I and my team research and writes articles about Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoins, Blockchain, Defi and NFTs.

Our main purpose is to publish recent news from the world of cryptocurrency and digital assests.

I write about cryptocurrency, blockchain, bitcoin and other disruptive technologies. I help people find the best ways to invest wisely in these types of assets.

Jessica Thomson

Hello, I am Jessica Thomsan from Los angeles, US. I have done bachelor’s in finance majors and working as freelance finance content writer. I work with Finscorpio team in the editing, proofreading and optimizing the blog content.

I take interest in writing financial blogs to help people to understand the digital economy in the easiest way and in simple language.

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