Portuma – A Great in-Game Advertisement

With Portuma, you can take advantage of in-game and esports advertising that is natural to the game, innovative, and constantly updated.

As the in-game advertising sector begins to take off, it will provide huge potential for game developers and publishers seeking expansion into new markets. Portoken offers significant benefits to not just benchmarkers but also gamers. 

For their participation in these advertisements, gamers will be rewarded with Portoken. This virtual currency can be used to purchase in-game items and boost their earnings.

The global standard Portuma, introduced to the rapidly growing field of in-game advertising for video game publishers, is now seeking fresh investors. In this article, I will provide you detail information about Portuma.

What is Portuma?

Founded in 2021, Portuma is a cutting-edge platform for in-game advertising. Their goal is to unite game creators and advertising under one roof. It is a hub for in-game advertising space and brand matching with real-time bidding, open to all game creators across the globe. 

Thanks to Portuma, manufacturers of gaming consoles, mobile game makers, and PC game programmers will receive in-game ads, ad spaces will increase brand visibility, and all participants in the advertising industry will be able to contribute to Portuma’s success. Portuma’s mission is to provide billboard and in-game wall advertising services. 

Meanwhile, the Portuma team has finished integrating with the blockchain ecosystem. When users play games on the Portuma platform and see adverts, Portuma will reward them with Portuma Tokens (POR).

Ad technology that does not interrupt gameplay

Portuma aids game creators in securing a steady income by allowing them to take advantage of the $25 billion in-game advertising industry without sacrificing the games’ realism or aesthetic appeal. 

Creators of video games may make every in-game item into a billboard by imagining it in a commercial context. Portuma’s cutting-edge ad tech ensures cross-platform play, general gameplay for players, and a steady income for game producers.

  • Advertising inside video games is the future of the industry as a whole due to its expanding user base and bright prospects.
  •  Make your games seem even more realistic by using real-world advertisements.
  • Advertisers may reach their intended audience more precisely using Portuma’s real-time auction technology to create engaging and dynamic advertisements.

Models of Advertisements:

  • Integrated logo and ad positioning in-game.
  • Mixed media animated in-game commercials.
  • Private Advertising logo or product image placement in a video game.
  • Encouraged Advertising in-game advertising, as the name suggests.

Accurate Real-Time Data on the Portuma Price

One unit of Portuma costs USD 0.000765, and one day’s worth of trade has generated USD 86,056.80 in revenue. The Portuma to US Dollar exchange rate is always up to date. Since yesterday, Portuma has lost 0.35 percent. Live market cap is currently unavailable, and CoinMarketCap ranks it at #3817. 

There will be a maximum of 10,000,000,000 Potuma coins minted. However, we do not have any information on the circulation supply. You can purchase Portuma at the best price on the cryptocurrency exchanges BitMart, LBank, and PancakeSwap at the time of this writing (V2). 

There will only ever be 10 billion Portuma Tokens ($Portuma) in circulation. They are issued as a BEP20 token on the Binance Smart Chain. The most ambitious objective of Portuma is to provide an in-game and metaverse advertising solution to all mobile and desktop game creators, businesses, and players everywhere.

Companies and Games That Work Together

Participate in Games and Earn Money! That’s the foundation upon which the entire system rests. All the games where you may win Portuma are listed here. Playing any of the following games will allow you to earn POR as you play. The number of gaming firms part of the Portuma ecosystem continues to grow.

You’ll soon be able to find all your favorite games here in the marketplace, and you can’t wait to play them again! Because Portuma gives you an advantage by letting players have fun without hurting the game.

  • Raco game
  • Real Car Parking Master
  •  Back Street
  • Wonder Racer and many more.

The First Blockchain-Based Token for In-Game Ads

Portuma’s portoken will serve as a central hub for in-game advertisements powered by blockchain technology, bolstering the advertising ecosystem and increasing the value of all firms’ trademarks. 

The digital gaming industry has attracted many people’s interest. With that, the number of individuals who own digital assets has been rising steadily. There will only ever be 10 billion Portuma Tokens ($POR) in circulation. 

They’re issued as a BEP20 token on the Binance Smart Chain. POR’s most courageous objective is to provide an in-game advertising solution to all mobile and desktop game creators, corporations, and consumers worldwide.


Because of Portuma’s innovative technology, publishers and advertisers can work together to build a better advertising and esports environment. Portuma enables unified advertising campaigns across all touchpoints, including game, tournament, and stream. 

Brands can reach gamers quickly, reliably, and intelligently with our solution, thanks to in-game native ad placements. Everything you see, hear, or experience is recorded, checked, and reported.

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