Square Enix

“Square Enix Boosts NFT Gaming with Major Investment in Leading Firm”

The Pokémon Company International has taken an Australian company to court over advertising an unlicensed NFT-based Pokémon game and also HSBC has filed for a host for Metaverse trademarks and also for NFTs.

The nonfungible token (NFT)- a friendly Japanese gaming giant square has invested 7 billion yen ($52.7 million) into the game developer Gumi to create ”high-quality” mobile games, a Metaverse initiative, and also blockchain games, among other things.

The translated version of the press release states that this partnership will help Gumi to tap certain intellectual property from Square Enix, it has also teased that the duo could also be teaming up for a game that is an NFT-focused marketplace.

“We are already considering the establishment of a platform dedicated to blockchain games and an NFT marketplace, etc. Through collaboration between the two companies, we will provide a one-stop service from the development and distribution of blockchain games to the sale and distribution of tokens and NFTs.”

The company has also outlined its plans to work on a host of NFT games that are likely to have Metaverse integrations.

”Wow and Earn” is a new term that has been introduced by the Japanese company. This term essentially refers to the games that are built off of world-famous IP that is highly integrated with blockchain-based play-to-earn (P2E) features.

 “In the future, while considering the use of powerful content that everyone recognizes, we will break away from the highly speculative blockchain games of the past and create value while enjoying fun and excitement. We strongly recognize that it is necessary for game users all over the world to create a blockchain game that realizes ‘Wow and Earn,’” the release reads. The developer Gumi has also stated that its ”working day and night” to quickly develop its metaverse-focused arm of the business that as it looks like it will add another source of revenue outside of mobile games.

Beeple Outlines the Future of NFTs and Art

Beeple, whose real name is Michael Winkelman believes that all the physical art around the world will have NFTs attached to them one day in the future. On Dec 23, Beeple suggested that NFTs will massively help the art industry by the superior methods of tracking provenance and also authentic data. “I think all paintings will eventually have NFTs attached just because again, it’s a better system than just handing you a piece of paper,” he said.

Pokémon Takes NFT to Court

As mentioned above, Pokémon company has taken an Australian company to court. The company is known as ”Pokémon Pty Ltd” and the game is known as ”Pokeworld”. 

HSBC Trademarks

The British multinational company has filed many virtual trademarks for its name and logo. On Dec 23, it was highlighted by the trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis, that HSBC lists a host of different products and services that include downloadable virtual files and goods, also virtual friendly debit cards and video content files.    

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