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Vitalik Buterin Reveals 3 ‘Huge’ Opportunities For Crypto In 2023

The Ethereum co-founder is very much positive as he says there is more room for innovation next year. At the end of 2022 Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum has made sure that everyone gets three major opportunities in the coming year. These are mass wallet adoption, inflation-resistant stablecoins, and Ethereum-powered website logins.

In a recent interview between the co-founder Buterin and David Hoffman, he was very optimistic about the crypto industry in 2023. When Hoffman raised a question by saying the “adoption wave” with the decentralized applications is now not there and hence, he said there is less opportunity for investors. What he meant was that these new developers have less opportunity to come forward and build new decentralized applications. 

In response to that Buterin shrugged off the limbo and after that, it seemed he eluded the answer. He said that there is room for more improvements and developments in the wallet infrastructure. In addition, he said he wants to make sure of onboarding millions of users. On contrary he said:

If you can make a wallet that a billion people will use — that’s a huge opportunity,”

He also added that the creation of hyper-inflation-resistant and globally accessible stable coins which are capable of standing against every condition. Both the on-chain as well as broader macroeconomy are going to be life-changing in this country.

“If you can make a stablecoin that can survive anything up to, and including, a U.S. dollar hyperinflation […] that’s a huge opportunity as well if you can create something that will feel like a lifeline for everyone going through that situation.”

Although, Buterin wasn’t eager to tell how these expectations are going to be accomplished.

Buterin also concluded that all the technological developments that have been contributing to Ethereum will not allow Facebook, google twitter, and every other centralized application to have their login powers. These centralized monopolies will let Ethereum get more market dominance and this will happen only through internet-based applications.

If you can get signed in with Ethereum to work and if you can unseat Facebook and Google and Twitter as the login overlords of the internet, that itself is a huge opportunity, right?”


He admitted that the opportunities that we have to gain the market gaps back to full are lesser. This was because the market is maturing as well as competition is increasing. The Ethereum co-founder has been talking about these terms for the past few weeks.

Nevertheless, he is adding his optimism in each of his interviews. He also continued to say that blockchain-based identity, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), and hybrid applications make him think about the bright future of Ethereum.

On Dec, 3 he said that the traders must work on technical developments instead of price. When the collapse of FTX came into known on Nov, 21 Buterin said to traders that human influence can exert over the protocol and he wanted them to trust the codes rather than humans.

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