“From Frozen Bank Account to Bitcoin Salary: One Year’s Journey to Financial Freedom”

One frozen bank account triggered a man and he started living toward the bitcoin standard. Bitcoin going around $16,823 has continued to start the process all around the world. As time progresses people have started to invest more in cryptocurrency than before.

They have started to pay through cryptocurrency for their goods and other payments as well as services. Individuals have started to accept it as their salary and surely it is their salary.

It is astonishing to know that a Florida-based advocate who is called SVN although it’s not his real name invested all his salary in crypto the past year. Reports have it that he works in the animation industry. It is evident through the deeds that he knew there have been several advantages to investing in the world’s best and most recognizable cryptocurrency.

When SVN was interviewed he said that he started to invest in crypto banks when he came to know that his bank froze one of his accounts and in consequence, he started to rely on bitcoin till the issue was resolved.

SVN wanted to check out whether doing this will work out for him as banks have free will to freeze as well as they want the customers to fulfil the government instructions. For example, when a Canadian trucker protest happened which included governmental orders as well. This prevented crowdfunding for everyone at the protest. In contrast, Bitcoin is there to run 24/7 without any hindrance, 365 days a year.

SVN tested bitcoin and wanted his results on the fact that whether Bitcoin instead of the bank would be better for a yearly source of income. When SVN was asked whether Crypto money is the future of money? He explained:

“Everyone kept saying that it’s the best form of money in the world, but all I knew were holders. Had to see for me and come to my conclusion.”

SVN also rooted his money towards Bitcoin because he wanted to make sure that the stigma is broken and this new world of currency is accepted. Everyone was so mysterious about this new economy coming into being. He wanted to gain at least one perspective on the economy.

Nevertheless, according to him, it depends on person to person who gains the experience. In conclusion, as soon as he had his income in Bitcoin rather than in the government-based banks, he was more likely to go beneath the hole of Bitcoin. He used to share his experience on his Twitter he said

“Living on Bitcoin is simple, but challenging.” 

It is also evident that by using Bitcoin he was able to see first-hand and knew how these are used in transactions. When he was asked whether he is going to withstand Bitcoin or will continue with other cryptocurrencies as well. He began to stick with Bitcoin according to his experience. Other than him many high-profile figures have started to accept their salaries through Bitcoin as well.

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