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Bear Market Blues: How Bitcoin Miners are Affected

In 2022 bear market is impacting in more extreme ways on bitcoin. There are so many publically listed miners of bitcoin who are struggling with debt obligations. Do you know about the bitcoin (BTC) ecosystem and miners? Yes, it is undoubtedly bitcoin mining. All the bitcoin miners are struggling in the current bear market, and it is said after a well-documentations. It was reported that recently bitcoin miners had raised 70% of discount funds Blockstream.

Let’s Discuss In Detail What Does Current Bitcoin Cycle Mean

Suppose you want to measure the profitability of bitcoin mining and extract the miner’s revenue per kilowatt hour (KWH). It was analyzed by Jaran Mellerud that there is a sustained period of revenue per KWH of BTC mining in the bear market is less than $0.25. The most efficient bitcoin machine was used to calculate the assumption.

In 2018 the bear market lasted approximately a year, and KWH of $0.12 was its sending. Mellerud also said that in 2019 revenue of $0.083 per KWH was an all-time low and lasted 463 days. At the same time, the bitcoin price went down to $5,000.

It was the analysis of Mellerud, which was called revenue per KWH in April it was started. On December 8, it was estimated that the current bear market lasted only for 225 days. The minimum revenue provided by it was $0.108 per kWh. Hence, the number was higher than in all previous cycles due to high energy prices.

There are about a minimum of 138 days of a bear market which will continue till the market turns, and it was estimated by comparing the current market. Although there is a big difference between the past and recent bitcoin cycles, there were self-funded miners in past cycles, and now miners can easily fund their rapid growth and debt.

Public Mining Stocks Will Feel The Pain

In the 2021 bull market, the cumulative value reached over $17 billion in the bitcoin mining stocks; it was the peak value. The same year on November 20, the investor’s interest in the bull market increased, and in the BTC mining stocks, there was a spurred growth of about $2 billion.

In 2021 bull market reached its peak, but after that, there was immense pressure on crypto mining stocks, and many fell by 90%.

Core scientific is an excellent example of how the miner’s reliance on debt is increasing in the bear market. In April, the mining bear market was having core scientific of only 0.6 debt-to-equity ratios. Although in the start, the number of core scientific was grown to 24.2 debt-to-equity ratios of the bear market.

In the bear market, bitcoin mining will likely continue according to the past historic BTC trends. And it was also estimated that the miners would face equity squeezes. Accordingly, investors can easily scare away when the miner’s depth continues. And there will be anyway a more depressed price in the stock market.

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