stacking in cryptocurrency

What Is stacking in cryptocurrency? How does it works?

Putting up crypto as collateral means pledging your crypto to the blockchain network so that transactions can be confirmed. Proof-of-stake-based cryptocurrencies are the only ones that can use this feature, though. Still, stacking in cryptocurrency could be an excellent way to make money while you sleep. This is especially true for cryptocurrencies, where staking gives a higher interest rate.

What are Crypto Investments that are Staked?

When you stake your cryptocurrency investments, you help keep the blockchain running and secure. You can get money back in exchange, like with a high-interest savings account. By staking your cryptocurrency, you can make a lot of money from it. This reward will be even more significant if you already have a big chunk of your portfolio invested in these assets.

Most cryptocurrencies use two main ways to reach a consensus: proof-of-work and proof-of-stake. These models help make sure that transactions are legitimate. A new block is added to the chain when a transaction is okayed. This consensus keeps the blockchain network safe in this way.

How does Stacking in Cryptocurrency work?

Adding new transactions to a blockchain is called staking. Some cryptocurrencies that use the proof-of-stake model work with this method. People start by putting their coins into a crypto pool. The protocol then picks validators to make sure that transactions are correct. Note that your chances of becoming a validator go up the more money you pledge.

New cryptocurrencies are created once a block is added to a blockchain. They are given to the validator of a union as a reward for staking. Most of the time, these rewards come in the same cryptocurrency you are betting with. But some blockchains may give out different kinds of crypto as rewards.

How can you gamble with crypto?

At first, the idea of staking cryptocurrency might be hard to grasp. But if you understand what you’re doing, the process is easy. To stake crypto, you can do the following:

Stacking in Cryptocurrency

As was said above, staking is only possible with proof-of-stake cryptocurrencies. So, buying a currency that uses this consensus mechanism might be a good idea. Here is a list of coins that can be staked:

  • Solana
  • Polkadot
  • Ethereum
  • Cardano

You can find the best cryptocurrency to stake by doing a lot of research on the market. When you find the right cryptocurrency, you can buy it on a cryptocurrency exchange.

stacking in cryptocurrency

Put your asset in a blockchain wallet

When you purchase cryptocurrencies from a particular exchange, they will be available for trading. Note that some threads talk about their staking program for specific cryptocurrencies. If this is the instance, you can immediately stake cryptos. If you don’t want to do that, you will need to move your asset into the crypto wallet.

After that, you must go to your wallet, choose the crypto deposit option, and choose the cryptocurrency you want to stake. This will give you an address for your wallet. You must copy and paste your wallet address to move your assets from the exchange account to your wallet.

Participate in a staking pool

Even though you can stake crypto on an exchange, many people prefer to join a staking pool. Crypto traders can pool their money on these platforms, which helps them get better rewards.

What is a Proof-of-Stake?

Proof-of-stake, or PoS, is a relatively new way to reach a consensus that makes a blockchain faster and more efficient while using less power. One of the main ways this model cuts costs is by eliminating the need to do complicated math. The main idea behind a blockchain and cryptocurrencies is decentralization.

When it happens to these digital assets, no governing body keeps track of how they are traded. Participants in the network are the only ones who can verify transactions. Then, these are added to the blockchain as new blocks.

PoS is a way to reach a consensus that uses people who own cryptocurrency instead of miners to verify transactions. Users or validators shut down a certain amount of crypto in the blockchain’s smart contract. They have the chance to earn big rewards in exchange for validating new transactions.

What are the advantages of Stacking in Cryptocurrency?

Crypto staking is a good way for crypto traders to earn passive income. Some of the good things about staking cryptocurrencies are:

  • You can easily make money from your crypto holdings by getting interested.
  • Crypto staking, unlike crypto mining, doesn’t need any heavy equipment.
  • You do things to make sure that a blockchain stays safe and secure.
  • You do things to make sure that a blockchain stays safe and secure.

Also, one of the best things about staking cryptocurrency is that you can earn more cryptocurrency at a high-interest rate.

What are the dangers of Stacking in Cryptocurrency?

Aside from the benefits, there are risks when you stake crypto. Here they are:

  • The prices of cryptocurrencies tend to change a lot. So, if the costs of the submitted assets go down a lot, the interest you earn on them would also go down.
  • When you stake, you must keep your assets locked up for a specific time. You can’t trade or move your crypto investments during this time.
  • If you want to unstake your assets, you must wait until the end of an unstacking period of 7 days or more.

A sudden drop in the cost of a cryptocurrency is the most significant risk that comes with staking. So, think about doing a lot of research on a coin before you buy it.

Why don’t all cryptocurrencies support staking?

Most well-known cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, don’t let you stake. Let’s learn more about the history of cryptos to figure out why:

  • Most cryptocurrencies don’t have a central authority. This means that no one is in charge of how transactions work on the blockchain. Instead, blockchains use a consensus method to check if something is true.
  • Proof of Work is a way for cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum 1.0 to agree on something. Prospectors from all over the world contend to solve complex math puzzles as part of this process. The winners can then add a new block to the chain. In exchange, they get the same amount of cryptos back.

PoW is a modular model for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin because the functions of the coin are not as complicated. But Proof of Work can make it hard to use a coin like Ethereum, which is more complex and has an extensive network of Defi.

Also, as was already said, you can only stake coins that use the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) system. This method of reaching a consensus is relatively new, and most coins haven’t switched to it yet.


Stacking in Cryptocurrency can be done by any trader. To become a validator, you must spend a lot of money and knowledge about technology. Taking part in this complicated process also may require you to think about your safety. If you understand how staking works, you can significantly increase your wealth.

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