How To Short A Cryptocurrency

How To Short A Cryptocurrency- All-In-One Guide

Cryptocurrency is a volatile beast if you have bought some shares to make some profit, but its prices go down. Most projects begin by promising a future price for their token that they expect to make.

But it doesn’t, and its value decreases because of a lack of developmental progress. In these situations, shorting cryptocurrency is an innovative and decent way to get a good profit. Investors are looking for ways How To Short A Cryptocurrency.

How To Short A Cryptocurrency: A Guide

There are a variety of ways of How To Short A Cryptocurrency, listed below are some of them:

1: Direct Short Selling

One of the simplest methods is to sell the shares when the profit rate is high and then repurchase them when they go down. In this way, you can easily earn the difference between both prices.

2: Future Markets

 Another way is to use derivative products such as crypto-related stocks, etc. These products will help make significant money when the price goes down without selling your holdings. It’s a great way to make an extra profit from your holdings. However, before shorting crypto, you must research because it is hazardous.

3: Contract For Difference

It is mostly about luck and timing because you have to bet over the rise and fall of the price asset. You have to deposit a portion of the margin account’s fund as a guarantee that you will pay the price that you have a bet.

It will be a lucrative source of income if the price increases or decreases according to your chance. But, if you fail, then you will have to face a massive loss, so it’s an enormous risk, and only a few people are interested in this way of short selling.

Is It Possible To Short-Sell Crypto?

Yes, it is possible to short-sell crypto, although plenty of people are unaware of this, and they only think that it is possible in the stock market. It’s all about making a profit from price decreases. It s a game of predicting exact price movements. This is why it is hazardous, and everyone is not a champion. However, if you succeed, it might be lucrative for investors.

Tips For Shorting A Crypto

Following are some of the helpful tips for shorting crypto:

Keep Up To Date With The News:

It’s mandatory to be you to date with all the news related to the government, etc. Not only crypto but governmental clashes can bring a massive difference in the crypto market.

Using Technical Analysis:

As an investor, you must have some indicators for correct predictions, as you know that predictions, timings, and discipline are the main elements in shorting crypto. You can use the following indicators to understand crashes and retracements.

  • The average directional index (ADX) displays the strength of Trent Bollinger Bands and indicates the price over a relative basis.
  • Standard deviation displays the historical validity of the shares and investments.
  • The relative strength index (RSI) indicates price changes.

Cryptocurrency Shorting Pros And Cons:

 As you know that crypto is volatile, so if you have a great sense of the crypto market, You must understand the typicality of this market and how to short a cryptocurrency. So, it has pros and cons, both of which are discussed below:


Following are some of the pros of shorting a cryptocurrency:

  • If the price is going down, you can still make a profit out of that money. So, it’s beneficial and saves you from significant losses.
  • If you are worried about losses in the future, then shorting hedges your portfolio and maintains stability.


Following are some of the cons of shorting a cryptocurrency:

  • As mentioned earlier, shorting crypto is a hazardous process. What if the price begins to rise while shorting? You will have to face a huge loss instead of earning a profit. It requires a strong strategy because direction and timing matter the most, and you must be careful about them.
  • It also needs a margin account with an exchange.

What Are The Reasons For Shorting A Crypto?

Following are a few reasons for shorting crypto:

  • Volatility

As you already know, crypto is a volatile beast, and there is a considerable risk at every step. Investors are well aware of it and learn how to leverage their losses. Not everyone can correctly predict the fluctuations in the rise and fall of crypto. As quickly the price falls, it can be increased as well. But, some investors acknowledged the variations in trends and experts in their niches. So, they make volatility beneficial for them.

  • Hedging Risk

If you have a cryptocurrency and believe its price will fall soon. Then, you can short-sell it and make a profit out of it. You will be successful in short selling with correct timings, discipline, and predictions. But don’t forget to hedge some amount for bearing losses in the future.


Is there a risk factor involved in shorting crypto, and how much?

Plenty of risks are involved, but investors need to understand risk management. 

What is direct short selling?

One of the simplest methods is to sell the shares when the profit rate is high and then repurchase them when they go down. This way, you can easily earn the difference between both prices.

Is short selling beneficial?

It might be beneficial for you if you have predicted correctly but sometimes you will also have to bear the loss.


In conclusion, the crypto is about earning more profit by buying it when its prices are low. Then, sell them when investors accept them in a bull market. When the price increases and you earn the profit on the original amount you invested, sell it and keep the profit. 

The process of how to short a cryptocurrency follows a similar pattern. You have to buy shares at high prices and sell when the price is low to earn profit between the two prices. It is all about smartness, making correct predictions using indicators, etc.

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