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how to start day trading cryptocurrency- Best Strategies

Buying and selling stocks of crypto within a short timeframe, often one day, is what day trading cryptocurrency is all about. The objective is to make a little profit on each transaction and then compound those profits over time. 

Day traders buy and sell assets on the same day to generate a short-term gain. Often, they borrow money or use other forms of leverage to fund their daily purchases of more help, which greatly increases their risk exposure.

Further, it entails extensive market trend research and a significant degree of risk. One prominent strategy is trading based on news. Scheduled releases, such as economic data, business profits, or interest rate announcements, are influenced by market expectations and psychology. Mainly, this article will explain the basics of day trading cryptocurrency.

Day Trading Cryptocurrency

Day trading with cryptocurrencies is buying and selling the same digital currency in a single trading session. High-risk day trading in cryptocurrencies is made feasible by the market’s unique volatility and liquidity. 

Although day trading originated in conventional markets. Success in crypto day trading requires an in-depth understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. There is no difference in day trading cryptocurrencies. 

But crypto day trading is even more of a high-risk, high-reward venture. A successful trading technique may pave the door to crypto wealth. However, you need to learn the ropes before making any real money day trading cryptocurrency.

How To Day Trade Crypto?

Every day trader, regardless of market, has to be fluent in crypto and trading basics. Never put up more money than you can afford to lose. Here’s how to start day trading cryptocurrencies if you have the guts and expertise to handle risk.

  1. Firstly, choose the platform to trade

Day cryptocurrency traders must judge when and where to acquire and sell digital assets. Every cryptocurrency trader has three main concerns: liquidity, fees, and coins supported. The greatest cryptocurrency exchanges are those where buyers and sellers can transact quickly and easily. 

Depending on the marketplace’s approach, the typical transaction cost might range from zero to ten thousand dollars. It is important that exchanging assets off-platform be simple and inexpensive.

  1. Pick the right investment

Day traders in cryptocurrencies must accept market volatility as an unavoidable risk. The day trader in crypto requires volatility and liquidity to make a living. Slippage and an increased likelihood of flash collapsing may be catastrophic for the whole crypto market if inadequate liquidity. 

Pay close attention to an asset’s trading volume to determine whether the investment may be sold fast at a profit. The first step in selecting the best cryptocurrency for day trading is to choose one with high liquidity and volatility.

Strategies To Start Day Trading Cryptocurrency

day trading cryptocurrency

A successful crypto day trader will develop a strategy informed by research and have predetermined entry and exit points for their holdings. 

Think about where you want to go and where you want to come out, and do those things. Look for trends in the trading behavior of your potential options.

Trading NewsMediumMedium
Acquisitions / MergersMediumHigh
Swing TradingHighHigh

Here are some of the strategies regarding day trade crypto:

  1. Scalping

Scalping is a trading method wherein many deals are executed to achieve a tiny but consistent profit. Scalping takes advantage of temporary price fluctuations by trading huge sums of liquid assets. Trading cryptocurrencies daily is called “scalping,” and day traders love cryptocurrencies due to their low volatility, low volatility, and high potential profits. 

Scalping is a trading method in which traders take short-term, often speculative, positions and then assess their success or failure after the trading day. Market volatility makes it possible for traders to consistently make tiny profits over time, which may compound into significant wins for a trading career.

  1. Technical Analysis

To spot statistical market patterns, you must research using technical analysis (TA), which involves looking at financial data, including past prices and volume. Traders may use TA as a scientific method for discovering trading opportunities and maximizing their earnings. 

TA may be used as a benchmark to forecast whether a cryptocurrency will rise or fall in the future. To be most effective, technical analysis in crypto should be performed in tandem with other tactics. 

Day traders in crypto assets would do well to familiarize themselves with TA and include it in their toolkit, but also consider other market factors. One of the technical analysis’s strongest points is its focus on developing a comprehensive plan for entering and exiting trades.

  1.  High-Frequency Trading

High-frequency trading can only be done using a special program or trading bot that automates the process. 

While linked to an exchange, a bot keeps a close eye on the market and makes transactions in real-time, depending on the predetermined trading logic. This rate is often hundreds of transactions per second, which is impossible for a person to do.

Cryptocurrency Day Trading: Pros and Cons


Cryptocurrency markets are always open, whatever time of day or year. Since the cryptocurrency exchanges never shut, investors have unrestricted access to the marketplace around the clock. 

Due to the lack of government taxes and fees, trading cryptocurrency on a controlled exchange is very inexpensive for day traders. The marketplaces were built so users could make transactions anonymously and without a middleman.


Day traders in cryptocurrencies may have to spend more time than they would in more traditional markets watching charts for the optimal moment to make a deal. 

Exchanges, institutions, and traders that fall victim to hacks or scams have little recourse in the absence of government control. If a business suddenly closes, users will likely lose all of their money unless the exchange has a private insurance fund.


In sum, the Day trading in cryptocurrencies, if done correctly, has the potential to be a very successful endeavor. However, it may be difficult for novice traders, particularly those who are unprepared or don’t have a well-defined trading plan; automation is the easiest method to cope with these difficulties. Always do your homework, and don’t put more money on the line than you can afford to lose.

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